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The Highlights – August Newsletter

Updated: Oct 30, 2022

We interacted with some amazing people and participated in some amazing events. This August was a special month! It wasn't just the month that Michael Jackson married Lisa Marie Presley, or just National Catfish Month. It is also the month we added our tailor-made flair by jazzing up the guest experience! We had a fantastic time providing our services and helping our clients capture unforgettable moments. Take a peek at some highlights from August!

Vanessa and Michael’s Wedding Party at the Pozez Jewish Community Center

We had the time of our lives adding to the newlyweds’ post-wedding celebration with a sweet rose wall. The couple reserved the open-air photo booth, so that guests were able to capture all of their special moments together! The hints of light pinks, neutrals, and golds! Ooh la la!

Grand Opening at OneZo

OneZo celebrated the grand opening of their bubble tea shop in West Chester, Pennsylvania! Along with the delicious, freshly-made beverages, customers had a bubbly time using our open-air photo booth featuring a navy blue backdrop.

Tien and Cindy’s Nuptial at the Herrington on the Bay

The couple had their unforgettable wedding at the fantastic Harrington on the Bay. We were more than happy to equip them with our open-air photo booth with a dazzling iridescent backdrop. We also included a Photo Signature Guestbook, where the wedding guest could leave their best wishes for the newlyweds!

PLAYroom National Night Out at the Middleburg Community Center

We had a fantastic time being a part of PLAYroom’s Police-sponsored National Night Out! The neighborhood had a chance to participate in several safety demonstrations and check out some crafty exhibitions as well. They also commemorated their visit with our open-air photo booth, along with a custom template

Nehemias and Jazmir’s Wedding at a Private Venue

We love providing our services for luxury events and this wedding was no exception! The Mr. and Mrs., including their guests, were able to capture their happiest moments using our open-air photo booth with a stunning purple backdrop. We also had the pleasure of creating a Photo Signature Guestbook – a wonderful way to remember this day for years to come.

Erika and Omar’s Wedding and Reception at the Historic Oakland Manor

Heart-warming and elegant are the main phrases we use to describe this celebration of love. The newlyweds’ reserved our popular open-air booth accented with a rose gold backdrop, as well as a custom template to remember their special day forever!

ADRA’s Corporate Picnic at the New Hope Seventh-day Adventist Church

We brought the carnival to town at ADRA’s corporate picnic! Team members were able to enjoy a handful of activities and attractions. ADRA's reservation included an open-air glam photo booth complimented with a simple solid white backdrop. We could feel the fun and excitement all around!

Christine and Andy’s Wedding Celebration at the Blue Valley Winery

Christine and Andy had their dreamy wedding at the Blue Valley Winery overlooking the majestic Blue Ridge mountains. The setting was adorned with a solid white backdrop and guests could take beautiful pictures in our exceptional open-air photo booth.

Won and Jane’s Big Day at the Belmont Manor

As vendors for luxury events, we added to Won and Jane's celebration and we were so happy to do so! This had to be one of their happiest days. Our open-air booth was in full use and the guests could pose in front of a glamorous gold backdrop. We included our Photo Signature Guestbook, allowing guest to share a sweet message for the couple!

Lewis’ Miami Vice Birthday Party at a Private Venue

Lewis threw his rockin’ Hawaiian-themed birthday party – music, flower, garlands, and coconuts galore! Everyone took pictures in front of our open-air photo booth and we added a hedge wall as a backdrop. Mahalo, Lewis!

Retirement Party at the International Spy Museum

What better way to celebrate your retirement than with a party! The guests had an opportunity to go undercover and test out their spy skills at the International Spy Museum. Unfortunately, their cover was blown because they took too many pictures with our roaming photo booth – and we got to say, we saw a lot of 007’s around!

APWU 26th Biennial National Convention at the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center

APWU held their 26th Biennial Convention, celebrated and paid tribute to all the their members across the country. The American Postal Workers Union is a labor union in the United States. It represents over 200,000 employees and retirees of the United States Postal Service. We had the honor to be a part of this event, as we provided our open-air photo booth, and guest could take their pictures behind a striking gold backdrop.

APWU hosted their own western-themed event. Guest captured photos in their Wild West themed outfits thanks to our open-air photo booth, with a fitting gold backdrop.

Baltimore Magazine threw a raving party showcasing the best of what Baltimore has to offer. The event went to another lever with our special LED inflatable booth and a custom template. They even went all out with adding in a greenscreen – you can easily imagine how much fun their guest had!

Caroline and Asa’s Wedding at the Michener Art Museum

We are so thankful that we were a guest favorite at the wedding of Caroline and Asa’s stunning wedding. Their reception was beautifully decorated with splashes of sage, white, blush, and a dash of blue. Their loved ones could snap some pictures in our open-air photo booth complimented with an iridescent backdrop. We’re so glad we made memories with them!

2022 MLQ Championship at Troy Park

The crowds went wild for the teams during the MLQ Championship! Quidditch fans could show their team spirit by taking pictures in our hand-held roaming booth – you can take a peek at the atmosphere by checking out #MLQChampionship across socials.

Ellen and Leizer’s Nuptial at the MAAS Building

This newlywed couple had the wedding of their dreams and we had the best time being a part of their intimate evening! Everyone was able to capture some incredible moments in our dazzling open-air glam photo booth, behind a delicate and solid white backdrop.

Eileen and Wes’ Wedding at the Howard County Conservancy

We had the pleasure of interacting with the guest of Eileen and Wes’ rustic-themed wedding. The setting looked enchanting with forest-like greens. Guests could take pictures in the fairytale ambiance thanks to our open-air photo booth, complemented with a silver backdrop.

ATPCO Summer Social at the Stone Tower Winery

ATPCO hosted a summer social gathering, where guests sipped delicious wine and had a fantastic time. They reserved our open-air photo booth with an astonishing view – the photos looked beyond amazing! We are so glad we were there to help capture their memories!

See you next month!


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