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The Highlights – April Newsletter

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

Another month has passed and we have some exciting events to share with you! We were happily busy providing photo booth fun, elevating the atmosphere of many events, and of course – helping our clients capture all the magical moments!


Delaware Chamber Of Commerce Annual Dinner at the Chase Center on the Riverfront

To celebrate the 185th Delaware Chamber Of Commerce Annual Dinner, they decided to infuse the event with a touch of fun by offering attendees an FMC Selfie Station. The management booked our open-air photo booth so that their guests could capture these special moments together. For this elegant affair, they decided on a silver backdrop for a clean and luxurious experience.

Pi Beta Phi (ΠΒΦ) Date Party at the Dream Mega Lounge

There is only one thing that is more fun than a sorority date party, and that is a sorority date party with a photo booth! Not only did the members have a great time dancing and taking snaps of their iconic moments, but they also opted for an iridescent backdrop to compliment their fun and fancy vibe.

Janet's 60th Birthday Party at the AC Hotel, National Harbor

Celebrating any milestone, especially a birthday, should be a one-of-a-kind and extraordinary experience! Thus we were so happy that our photo booth services were hired to make this 60th birthday even more unique. With an open-air booth and silver backdrop, the guests were welcomed to create fresh memories and celebrate this iconic day!

Samantha Sweet 16th at the Kimberly Farms Banquet Hall

We added a touch of glam by providing a gold backdrop that was aligned with the theme! This sweet 16 party was all about celebrating the new chapter with a bang. Naturally, our open-air photo booth quickly became the life of the party, offering plenty of opportunities for Samantha and her favorite people to take some amazing snaps!

Delran Education Foundation Casino Night at the Community House of Moorestown

We had the pleasure of providing our photo booth services to this glamorous event that was tailored in the name of Old School Vegas. Everything about it was luxurious and fun, with signature details. To complement the aesthetic we included an open-air booth with a gold backdrop!

Sangeet (Indian Pre-Wedding) at the Hilton Garden Inn Manassas

As a wedding and event vendor, to our delight we got to be a part of this lovely Sangeet. Along with the incredible musical celebration, the guests had an amazing opportunity to frame their memories with our open-air photo booth featuring a solid white background.

Easter Eggstravaganza at the Messiah Community Church

Easter is a time of closeness, sharing heartwarming moments, and infusing hearts with faith. Besides the wonderfully planned fun for the whole family such as egg hunt, scavenger hunt, tasty treats and so much more; they also booked our services with an open-air booth with a purple backdrop. It brought us so much joy to see families having an amazing time taking photos!

Alexandra's 16th Birthday Party at the Middle River

It goes without saying that any 16th birthday party must be iconic! So, they pulled the ultimate card to elevate their vibe by booking our services! We offered the guests an exciting time with our photo booth and a silver background to go with the style of the party.

All Hands Business Meeting at the Owings Mills

Who said that all hands business meetings have to be dull? Not on our watch! The organizers had the right idea – to create a relaxing atmosphere for everyone and bring people together with our open-air booth. By implementing a greenscreen,, absolutely everyone had a great time snapping some excellent and creative moments together!

Starry Night Formal - Pi Beta Phi (ΠΒΦ) at the Charles Village Pub Towson

Sorority parties are a world of their own, and as a high-end event vendor, we were more than happy to provide a luxe touch to this formal party. Our photo booth provided the attendees the chance to have perfect pictures of their exquisite looks and outstanding atmosphere! Additionally, our iridescent backdrop was a great addition to the overall feel.

All Hands Business Meeting at the Owings Mills

Another all hands business meeting that will definitely stick to the memory of everyone present! In a way, these events are a great opportunity for team building and bringing people closer together. So what is the best tool to achieve that? Our elegant and unique open-air photo booth experience. Plus, we added a greenscreen aligned with their theme, allowing guests to unwind and have fun!

Kappa Delta Party

There is no doubt about it, these parties are ever so exciting. This time, the Kappa Deltas has a semi-formal event featuring a great ambiance. But what makes these events even greater is having our photo booth services on hand. After all, what’s life without photos to remember the best memories? We incorporated a silver background that went perfectly with the semi-formal code.

Best Buddies Friendship Walk at The College of New Jersey

Not only are we thankful for having the chance to be a part of many occasions, but it brings us immense pleasure when fundraisers acquire our photo booth experience. It was such a special fundraiser that touched the hearts of many, including us.

Farmer Lewis Wedding at the Madison Heights Community

Weddings are one of the most important celebrations in couples’ lives, so thoughtfully planned and focused on the guest experience. We had the best time being part of their love story, providing a way for everyone present to immortalize some epic moments. The couple booked our Slow Motion Photo Booth with a rose gold background to go with their theme.

Martinis & Malyugin Rings at the Westin Washington

When it comes to corporate cocktail events like this one, the two things that will hype up the atmosphere, adding an authentic signature touch are the music and the photo booth. Pictures or it didn’t happen, right? It goes without saying that we had a blast helping the organizers set the tone with our photo booth services and DJ package!