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Updated: Apr 4, 2022

1. Entertain Guests

When throwing any kind of holiday event, you definitely want your guests to have a good time and enjoy themselves. A booth is a natural party starter. All of our photo booth rentals come with fun props and backdrops, which will allow your guests to loosen up and make your event livelier.

2. Customizable Photos to Carry Your Message

Our photo technology enables fully customizable and instantly shareable photo experiences. Photos can be customized with branded graphic overlays, filters, hashtags, and text to make sure that each photo carries your message. By branding the photos with logos or a message, visitors know just how exciting your company/school is, while still giving them some great photos.

3. Drive Online Engagement and Social Reach with Instant Social Sharing

Our social media technology allows users to fully share event memories through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, text, and email.  You can easily grow your social reach by encouraging guests to share their branded photos on social media using the event hashtag.

4. Provides Attendees with a Gift Regardless of the type of event, giving your guests a fun take home gift is always a welcome addition to the overall party experience. With our FAST onsite printing, we have you covered.



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