Top 5 Amazing Tips For Your Fall Wedding Reception in 2022

Everyone wants their wedding receptions to be remembered by the guests for a long time. But no matter how engaged you keep your guests, there is always some downtime where they are simply waiting. But not anymore, because we have the perfect solution for you!

1. Music

An event without a beat? A DJ at any event is not an option but a must.

2. Photo Booth

A photo booth is always a good idea, no matter what the occasion is. It is ideal for keeping the guests engaged. Be it oldies, millennials, or the Gen-Z photo booth at a wedding reception can never go wrong. The cherry on top, if you choose our services, you will be more than happy to have a custom background of your choice! SNAP HAPPY PHOTO BOOTH offering you a variety of options, your guest will have plenty of options to participate and have fun. Apart from offering the standard photo booth, we offer roaming and slow-motion photo booths too! Too much to choose from, right?

3. Reception Games

Reception games are another engaging way to keep the guests occupied. The most popular game the bride and groom can play is “who knows who better”. This will not only ensure that the guest have a good time but also that the couple, gets to be involved in the game!

4. DIY Cocktail Bar

Did someone say cocktail bar at a wedding reception? Well, yes! A cocktail cart during your wedding reception will surely please everyone. If your venue allows, you can put up a DIY setup or hire a mobile bar service for the craziest-tasting spirits, cocktails, and frozen beverages.

5. Firework Display

What better way to cap off your wedding night than with a breathtaking display of fireworks? Not only are they the ideal way to finish a long day of festivities, but they also provide a wonderful photo opportunity for the couple and the guests. And not just that, they are loved by ages of all groups? So why not end the reception event on a bright note?

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