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Mitzvah Vendors Dish Up Their Own Mitzvot

On Feb. 14, ten Mitzvah Vendors including, our Creative Director Brandon Lee, met in the Meals on Wheels conference room to begin their morning of volunteering with the program. This assembly line of volunteers made enough food to feed 1,500 people for a day.

Snap Happy Photo Booth is proud to be apart of a networking group of Maryland and Washington, D.C. bar and bat mitzvah party professionals who have been meeting since summer 2016. Our group consist of about 40 members!

The mitzvah vendors were split into groups and assigned tasks. Three people at a short conveyor belt where black plastic trays were lined up. One person scooped egg salad, another fruit, a third a carrot-raisin salad into parts of the tray. As the conveyor belt turned on, lurching forward every few seconds, they hurried to catch up, scooping and placing rapidly. Another group divvied up canned fruit into individual portions, stacking the finished cups in massive tiers of plastic and fruit while a third group prepared bags of bread.

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